One-Appointment Crowns

At Cook Family Dentistry in Auburn, WA, we provide convenient one-appointment crowns using advanced CEREC technology. This innovative method allows us to design, fabricate, and place high-quality ceramic crowns in a single visit. Say goodbye to temporary crowns and multiple appointments, and enjoy a quick, comfortable, and precise dental restoration experience with our one-appointment crowns.

Composite (White) Fillings

A filling is recommended to restore defects caused by small areas of breakage or decay.  In our office, only composite filling material is used.  Composite is a tooth-colored mixture of plastic and glass that is bonded to the tooth and seals out bacterial well as long as it is in good condition.  Like any material, composite can chip, stan, and fracture over time and the integrity of its seal must be monitored and maintained to avoid new decay in the future.  Amalgam fillings, made of mercury and other metals, have not been placed in our office since 2007.  Placement of amalgam fillings requires more aggressive removal of tooth structure and does not result in a sealed margin.

Dental Imlants

A dental implant is a small titanium part that serves as the replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth. Dental implants can be placed in either the upper or lower jaws. Due to the biocompatible properties of titanium, a dental implant fuses with the bone and becomes a good anchor for the replacement tooth. Dental implants can be used in solutions for replacing single or multiple missing teeth.

Dental implants are not removable by the patient and are the closest replacement for natural teeth.

Needle-Free Dentistry (Laser Therapy)

At Cook Family Dentistry in Auburn, WA, we offer needle-free dentistry using advanced laser therapy. This state-of-the-art technique provides a comfortable, anxiety-free dental experience by utilizing precise laser technology for various treatments. Enjoy a pain-free, efficient, and gentle approach to dental care with our innovative needle-free dentistry services.

Night Guards for Grinding

At Cook Family Dentistry in Auburn, WA, we offer custom-fitted night guards for those who grind their teeth. Our high-quality night guards are designed to protect your teeth from the damaging effects of grinding and clenching while you sleep. Experience relief from jaw discomfort and preserve your dental health with our comfortable and durable night guards.

Botox for Grinding/Headaches/Cosmetics

At Cook Family Dentistry in Auburn, WA, we offer Botox treatments for a variety of needs, including teeth grinding, headaches, and cosmetic enhancements. Our skilled professionals use Botox to provide relief from jaw tension and headaches caused by grinding, while also offering cosmetic treatments to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Experience the therapeutic and aesthetic benefits of Botox with our expert care.

Tooth Whitening

We recommend three types of tooth whitening that are safe and effective:

Crest White Strips, Disposable Trays, and Custom Trays.

Crest White Strips are strips of plastic wrap with dots of bleaching gel on them that wrap around the front 6 teeth only. For most people, they work well and are the only product available in stores that will hold the bleaching gel on your tooth surfaces long enough to be effective.

Disposable bleach trays.  We sell these sets of wax trays in the office.  They extend farther back than Crest White Strips but not fully like Custom Trays. Wear them for 30 minutes then discard. The kit includes 10 upper and 10 lower trays.

Custom Trays.  We take a digital impression of your teeth and fabricate custom trays for you that treat every natural tooth.  Custom trays come with bleaching gel that you place sparingly into the trays and wear either for 30 minutes during the day or while you sleep.  Custom trays work best because they hold the bleaching gel against the tooth surface best.  If your trays don’t fit after getting a new crown, we’ll replace them at no cost. Bleach for a few days until you’re happy with results, save the remaining gel for a touch-up and when you need more, we sell refill gel at the office. Invisalign trays can be used as Custom Bleach Trays.

Keep bleaching gel off the gums as it can cause temporary color change and sensitivity in gum tissue. As with any bleaching product, teeth can become temperature sensitive after bleaching. If that happens, discontinue bleaching until sensitivity subsides and try again later.  Bleaching gel lifts surface stains; it does not lighten the internal color of the tooth. Fillings and crowns will not lighten with bleach.  Results vary. If whitening does not get the desired results, ask us about other options.

Dentures – Traditional and Snap-In (Implant-Supported)

At Cook Family Dentistry in Auburn, WA, we offer both traditional and snap-in (implant-supported) dentures. Our traditional dentures provide a reliable solution for replacing missing teeth, ensuring comfort and functionality. For a more secure fit, our snap-in dentures are supported by dental implants, offering enhanced stability and a more natural feel. Restore your smile and confidence with our comprehensive denture options.

Sleep Apnea Screening, Testing, and Appliance Therapy

At Cook Family Dentistry in Auburn, WA, we provide comprehensive sleep apnea care, including screening, testing, and appliance therapy. Our team is dedicated to diagnosing and treating sleep apnea to help you achieve better sleep and overall health. Our custom-made oral appliances are designed to keep your airway open, reducing snoring and improving your quality of life. Experience effective and comfortable solutions for sleep apnea with our expert services.

Sleep Appliance to Replace CPAP When Appropriate

At Cook Family Dentistry in Auburn, WA, we offer sleep appliances as an alternative to CPAP therapy for appropriate cases. These custom-made oral devices are designed to comfortably keep your airway open, providing effective treatment for sleep apnea. If you find CPAP uncomfortable or inconvenient, our sleep appliances may be the perfect solution to help you achieve restful sleep and improved health.

Infant Exams, Growth and Monitoring

At Cook Family Dentistry in Auburn, WA, we provide specialized infant exams, growth, and monitoring services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your child’s dental health from an early age, offering thorough exams and tracking their oral development. Trust us to provide gentle, comprehensive care to help your little one achieve a healthy smile right from the start.

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