Our Vision. Your Smile.

Our mission is to promote oral health through education, prevention, and restoration.

Our patients trust us, appreciate our help and are motivated to actively do their part to maintain good oral health. We are partners in this. They are comfortable coming to our office. With our help, they are pain free, infection free, and well-nourished.

Our practice priorities are safety, quality of care, professionalism, and fun. It shows in all we do. We take an old-fashioned approach of personalized care and blend it with the highest caliber, evidence-based clinical dentistry to create healthy, beautiful smiles.

We are proud to serve local Alzheimer’s patients and persons with physical challenges, making house calls if necessary.

Dr. Cook is certified in the examination of infants and parent education to get little ones off to a good start, starting with infant exams at age 6 months when teeth typically begin to erupt. We will monitor jaw growth, diet, and oral hygiene to keep the important baby teeth in great shape until they are lost (typically around puberty).

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