The Alphabet Blog: A is for Amalgam

Amalgam is what dentists call silver filling material. At Cook Family Dentistry in Auburn, Washington, we stopped placing amalgam fillings in 2006 because newer composite material is better for the tooth in the long-run.  Composite requires much less tooth structure...

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A Word About Tooth Brushing

We all learned how to brush as toddlers, right?  Then why do most people miss plaque?  In reality, we live busy lives.  We brush once, hopefully twice a day and if our mouth tastes minty we assume we’re clean.  Here’s what you could be missing: Current tooth brushing...

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How Beverages Dissolve Teeth

We have all heard about watching teeth dissolve in a cup of cola.  But what really happens in the mouth during sipping?  In short, sugary, acidic beverages result in loss of tooth structure.  Milk and water are healthiest for teeth. Consider these facts: Tooth enamel...

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Implant crown delivery

We recently delivered two crowns that are supported by dental implants.  Here are a few pictures of the process:After the surgeon placed the implants, he attached a healing cap to each one.  The round, silver healing caps cover the implant for a few months after they...

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The Floss Blog

Brushing cannot clean between your teeth, but bacteria certainly can live there quite happily, creating enamel-destroying acid 24/7.  Rinsing does not remove plaque anywhere, so flossing is a must.   Here is an x-ray of a cavity between teeth: Smiles, Dr. Cook

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OB-GYNs Encourage Pregnant Women to See a Dentist:

From the September 16, 2013 edition of ADA News: “Teeth cleanings and dental X-rays are safe for pregnant women, according to recommendations issued by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. OB-GYNs are being advised to perform routine oral health...

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